This email, including content and possible attachments, can contain confidential or sensitive information and is only intended to be received by the addressee. In case you are not the intended receiver of this email, we point out to you that every publication, reproduction, spreading or other use of this email is strictly forbidden. We kindly ask you to delete wrongly directed emails as well as possible copies and attachments unopened and to inform EclectiC via telephone or email as soon as possible.

Email exchange is not guaranteed to be secure and flawless. EclectiC does not accept any liability for possible errors or omissions concerning the content of this email, nor for viruses, delays of reception and other errors or defects that occur due to email exchange. Although we conduct regular virus checks, we advise every addressee of this email to check possible attachments for viruses.

EclectiC stores all personal data that is provided by candidates, suppliers as well as clients in the company’s own database. This database is filled by a number of EclectiC’s applications, such as e-mail, CRM, applicant tracking and time management systems as well as EclectiC’s performance evaluation tool. EclectiC’s database is cloud based. All servers are hosted by trusted partners that are certified according to all current European data security standards and are subject to regular checks on data security and susceptibility of hacking and data leaking.

EclectiC stores data purely for the purpose of relationship management, assignment and contract handling, candidate / job matching as well as candidate assessment. Marketing activities as well as any other purpose except the above mentioned is NOT being served and conducted based on data stored in EclectiC’s database. EclectiC makes sure to inform every stakeholder about the storage of data in EclectiC’s database as well as the purpose of it. However, sending personal / confidential data to EclectiC is a sign of the sender’s acceptance of EclectiC storing the data in her database under the above mentioned conditions.

EclectiC makes sure to erase data from every EclectiC owned database or application when being requested by the respective individual or organization. A confirmation letter will be sent.

EclectiC is working according to European GDPR standards.

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