Follow your dreams ?!?

Gepubliceerd op:December 30, 2022

Follow your dreams ?!?

Do you know people that are dreaming of a different life but don’t do something about it? People who are working in the same dumb job for years because they fear losing the ‘secure’ permanent position once they decide to do something else? People who have different interests, but simply don’t take their life into that direction. People who are so exhausted by doing ‘the right thing’ that they even develop diseases in the end? I guess we all know these kind of people and if we are very honest with ourselves, we might find parts of it on our own behavior and thinking as well.

So what holds us back to just do, what we actually would like to do? Society, educational systems, parental upbringing as well as our own feeling of responsibility for keeping the current standard of living for ourselves and our loved ones. But in essence it all goes back to one very basic feeling: fear.

“Fear kills more dreams
than failure ever will…”

Fear is the most effective but also the worst trigger at the same time. By sketching scenarios of what we should be afraid of we all have been educated to do ‘the right thing’ and behave as society wants us to do by our parents. So while never really having experienced this other way of living, we seem to know, that it can’t be right. Think of everything that could happen! An unpredictable future! Letting go, taking a risk and just wait and see what is going to happen is something we rather wouldn’t want to try.

But there are people among us, who did it. People who are not only dreaming, but doing things differently. People who are brave enough to not just do what they are told, but to do what they feel they really want to do. People who see an opportunity and just grab it. People who dedicate their life not only to business but also to the fun side of it. Many of these people are laughed about in our society. But they are secretly admired as well.These people seem to not have any fear of failing, but only the conviction that things are going to be just fine. They don’t need to build a professional reputation only. For them anything that can be achieved is worth trying, no matter if it is business related or not. These people live by opportunity not necessarily by plan. It might have something to do with self-esteem, but even more it is a sign of someone really caring for him/herself. Someone really listening to the inner voice. Most of us don’t even seem to have this ability anymore…

“The biggest risk in life
is the one you never take…”

Is it risky to live like that? We would rather think so. Not having a plan makes most people really nervous. ‘What if?’ is the question most thoughts are starting with. But, what if we don’t think about that for once and just do what feels good to us? What if we trust our guts a bit more than our brains for once? What if we start experiencing our world just as a child again from time to time? It wouldn’t make us a better person necessarily, but maybe a happier, more balanced one…?

So, this is what we can learn from the modern adventurers of our times:

  • try something new
  • have fun
  • keep being curious
  • take little risks
  • live today

Don’t just wait for a better life that might come tomorrow or in a few years from now. You never know if you’ll be able to enjoy it then…

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