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With 30 years of (international) recruitment experience in the IT industry, EclectiC has a proven track record of many successful permanent, but also temporary placements. With our roots in executive search and a large network of qualified IT professionals, we are happy to assist our clients throughout the Netherlands in finding the right IT talent.

We distinguish ourselves by our business-like, yet personal approach. “Know your clients and candidates is one of our main mottos”.

How do we help our clients?

– One of our account managers will meet with you to discuss the function and organization. We would like to visit you to discuss this in person and get a better idea of the culture and colleagues.

– Then, with the job description in place, we will actively search for suitable candidates in our database, our network, via Linkedin, events and job postings. Through the most appropriate channels we proactively approach the most suitable candidates.

– During our search we stay in contact. Interim updates, market insights, are an important part of our transparent approach to a successful placement.

– We approach potentially suitable candidates who we really get to know. We want to find out what drives someone. What kind of culture and organization does this person thrive in? And what is the most suitable position for this person.

– We qualify potential candidates by setting up telephone as well as video or personal interviews. Based on a CV, reference check, motivation, discussed conditions and salary expectations, we present the most suitable professionals.

– We are happy to assist you during salary negotiations and, if required, we will act as an advisor and/or mediator.

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EclectiC, 30 years of experience in IT Sourcing

Nagi Farah – Freelance Application Specialist

EclectiC heeft mij geholpen aan mijn eerste klus als freelancer. Dankzij het snelle handelen van EclectiC en hun uitgebreid netwerk kon ik op zeer korte termijn beginnen. Inmiddels zit ik al bijna een jaar bij EclectiC en hebben zij mij ook geholpen bij het vinden van mijn tweede klus binnen no-time. EclectiC staat voor mij voor vaardigheid, professionaliteit en goede contacten binnen de markt.

Nagi Farah
Application Specialist