We match highly qualified IT professionals with our clients. Always focused on quality with a personal touch. EclectiC is 30 years young so we know what we are talking about. As an energetic team we like to share our knowledge with our clients and candidates and bring them together.  In everything we do we are professional and transparent. For us important values to do business in the long run.

For whom?

We work for organizations that share our values and ideas about staffing solutions. The search for talent can only be successful if we work together. We need to understand each other, we invest time in our relationship and expect the same from our clients. Our client base is very diverse, from large international companies to local heroes. They have one thing in common, they all understand the importance of a quality and solid IT team. 

How do we do it?

Whether it’s a flexible deployment or executive search position, we apply the same methods. Our team is trained to validate that a candidate has all the necessary hard skills. Then the real work begins. We need to get to know the candidate as a professional, but also as a person. Does the professional fit into your organization and can he or she really add value. Only when the answer is yes, do we propose a candidate. If we feel that an application is not realistic, for example due to high demand in a specific IT domain, we will be honest and tell you. If that’s the case, no worries. We will advise you on how to be creative and still find the right resources. Equally important are clear and fair terms. All parties involved must be satisfied with the deal.