Koen Lockefeer

Koen Lockefeer

Koen Lockefeer

Owner / CEO

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As founder and CEO, I can lead a dream team of specialist recruiters and account managers together my with colleague Peter Baan. Largely self-managing, yet in a very transparent atmosphere where any theme can be discussed.

I feel more at home an a sailing ship or during personal contacts than hidden behind a computer screen. I love the game between people, challenge, surprise and reward.
After 30 years apparently completely grown into Eclectic but at the same time objectifying and critically critical of us / myself. Sometimes I am (too far) ahead of the pack, but just as easily I allow myself to be guided by the vision of colleagues-customers-consultants.

For me passions generate a lot of energy:
An intensive private life, 3 adult daughters with 2 grandsons,

Off-road camping and motorcycling, (sea) sailing, skiing, mountain biking and sometimes riding up
mountains with a racing bike. In short, high-speed outdoor play and getting dirty, never grew up….

Last but not least a passion for sustainability, not in words but in deeds. Realistic, but still pressing
ahead where the majority lingers and saunters. All company cars 100% electric, first pioneer since 12
years, largely paperless, recyclable or circular. My two succeeding generations are already a fact,
their future is more than dear to me.