Peter Baan

Director Finance & Operations

More about Peter Baan

By now I have been working for Eclectic for almost 22 years. My question during my job interview ‘what do I do after 10.30 am’ turned out to be superfluous. Never a dull moment and always new challenges and projects.

Started with a small administration but now responsible for everything related to Finance. And since 1 April 2021 as Director Finance and Operations also responsible for managing the team. A great step and challenge.

Managing a team is the most fun there is I have learned in 25 years of training and coaching soccer teams. And at work it’s not that different. Putting everyone in the right position and in their power. Motivating people, giving them confidence. Who needs a pat on the back and who needs a kick in the pants. I learned it in private and may now apply it at Eclectic. Working with the team on growth. Giving responsibility and consultation but also making decisions yourself when the votes are tied. With Koen as my sparring partner when I encounter things that are new or when I have doubts about an approach. 

Besides work and soccer there is also real private life. Together with Anja I undertake things, have dinner, go on a trip (if it’s possible again soon). A week has too few hours.

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