Daphne Schipperen

Resource Consultant

More about Daphne Schipperen

After my HR studies, I held a number of commercial and sales positions. I see the recruitment profession as a perfect balance between the two. I value the social / human aspect of my work, but it’s also important to be able to fit the story commercially. I like to be seen as someone with a positive approach who thinks in terms of possibilities. The person behind the CV is at least as important as the hard skills on a piece of paper. I get excited about creating the perfect match. This starts with understanding the requirements of a position and knowing the organization. In my interviews, I like to get to know the person behind the resume. This way I can help you find a challenge that matches your skills, but also -just as important- fits you as a person. Besides the recruitment profession, I am also involved in various marketing related activities. In my spare time I don’t like to sit still either. I love playing sports, visiting new places, doing jobs around the house, just being active and when I can, having a bite to eat in our beautiful city Breda.

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