Contracting / Secondment

There are several reasons for hiring temporary IT expertise. For example, the start of a project or program, temporary replacement of a colleague, or to obtain scarce knowledge and expertise.

With extensive experience in IT contracting, we have built a large network of IT professionals. In addition, we are able to search and select the most suitable freelancers for every IT question. Based on the job description and requirements we present you with the most suitable and available candidates. Our candidates are always personally interviewed before we introduce them.

We present 2 or 3 matching CVs, all of which have been qualified by us in terms of technical skills. During the interviews, you as the client only need to determine with whom you have the best connection. Finally, we also arrange the contract handling and other legal and administrative processes.

Why choose for EclectiC contracting?

  • We always introduce 2 or 3 suitable candidates including reference check who are available immediately or in the short term. The client then only has to conduct the interviews and determine with whom they have the best connection.
  • We use market-based and transparent rates that we agree upon in advance.
  • We strive for quick turnaround times and express our expectations in this regard.
  • In addition, we provide legal and tax audit of independent consultants.
  • Finally, we have the in-house expertise to relieve you of administrative, contractual and financial processes.

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EclectiC, 30 years of experience in IT Sourcing

Mirja Heijl, Commercieel Business Development a.i.

Mijn eerste kennismaking met EclectiC voor een interim opdracht is heel positief. De eerste opdracht via EclectiC was een 100% match ondanks ik een ander soort profiel heb. Dit geeft aan dat EclectiC goed is in luisteren naar de klantvraag en het matchen van de juiste kandidaat. Ook heb ik de medewerkers van EclectiC ervaren als geïnteresseerd, meedenkend en slagvaardig. Heel fijn als je als interimmer ook snel wil schakelen.

Mirja Heijl
Business Development / Truffelz