Business Continuity – COVID 19 Crisis Approach

Due to the exceptional situation regarding the COVID19 outbreak and all measures that have been taken by the European governments during the past days we would like to inform you how we as EclectiC are dealing with the situation regarding our consultants and employees as well as in cooperation with our clients and business partners.

We are all “sailing in uncharted waters” at the moment. A situation like this has never been experienced before and we understand that it is an exceptional challenge for many businesses as well as us as individuals. However, the best we all can do is keeping calm and trying to proceed with as much continuity for our businesses as possible. This in order to secure work and income for our workforce and progress for our clients. Anchoring to come to a complete standstill is not really an option. Therefore we are trying our utmost best to continue our work with our clients and partners as good as possible. At the same time we are listening carefully to the advice of our governments and the instructions of the authorities in order to make sure that everyone is being kept safe. We are all dealing with a new reality. We also strongly believe that most of the current measures are of a temporary nature and a new ‘normal’ life will resume in the foreseeable future.

We understand daily project routines are very much disturbed and it is a challenge to keep up the good team dynamics when working from home. There is a lot we can do to facilitate this unfortunate circumstance and to make the most of it. In the end challenges are designed to make us stronger.

EclectiC commits to the following measures:

1) We respect the agreements with our clients and consultants entirely and trust that every involved party will do so as best as possible given the current circumstances.

2) As a high-level IT services company we have all infrastructure in place to fully support working from home and will do our utmost best to facilitate this way of working for our consultants and employees.

3) We acknowledge that not everyone does have a fully equipped home office comparable with what he or she is used from the office. If we can help with borrowing professional equipment, we will do so.

4) We also acknowledge that this situation might lead to tension at home as everyone, including children are advised to stay at home, so a calm work environment cannot always be guaranteed. Well, exceptional times demand exceptional measures and therefore we are asking everyone for patience with and understanding for each other. If children cannot be accommodated by others then we need to deal with it for now. We fully understand that situation and are aware of the fact that this may cause distraction and maybe delay in some areas. However, we ask everyone to deal with the situation as professionally as possible and come up with a well structured working schedule that is communicated properly to the colleagues, so expectations can be managed.

5) EclectiC’s office is open. We guarantee the highest level of cleaning and have taken all measures to make it a safe work environment for everyone who needs to make use of our premises.

Let’s make it a common effort to get through this challenging times by supporting each other. Let’s look into the future and make sure that we get past this crisis with a strong mindset and the knowledge that we could not have done more to overcome the challenges. Keep up the great spirit and take care!

Team EclectiC International Consulting

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EclectiC is one of the few parties that thinks along with both the client and the contractor. They do their best to make the experience personal for both parties, without losing sight of professionalism. I have been working with EclectiC for several years now and I hope we can continue this for a long time.

Roel Beemsterboer
Freelance IT Consultant and Scriptwriter